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About the book

The Ultimate Guide to RAID Log
by Kim Essendrup

This book will introduce you to RAID logs and help you learn how to use them so your projects can immediately benefit.

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Managing you RAID Log

So far we’ve covered each individual tab of a RAID log and how to manage each one. But now let’s discuss how to effectively use your RAID log as a whole to manage your project.

Who owns the RAID log?

The RAID log should be owned and maintained by the person responsible for getting the initiative done. For a project, this would be the Project Manager. For teams that work more agile, it could be the Product Owner or SCRUM master. It could be a team leader, or a change manager in charge of an organizational transformation. In any case, the person who is hands-on and responsible for the day-to-day management and execution of the initiative should be the owner of the RAID log. 


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