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Do you know the top 5 Risks your portfolio faces RIGHT NOW?

What about the top 5 issues that threaten your budget? Or the key decisions that are being made this week? 

Finally get visibility into the critical events in your portfolio with RAIDLOG’s Portfolio Module. As an Executive, Portfolio, or PMO leader, you know that nearly all projects will face challenges. And if you don’t have visibility into how those challenges are met, you cannot be confident that they will be.

With RAIDLOG, your business can effortlessly roll up critical insights, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the entire project landscape. Say goodbye to the constraints of static spreadsheets and embrace a dynamic, intuitive platform designed to empower your Enterprise with actionable data, foster collaboration, and drive project success to new heights. 

Keep A Historical Record:

  • Roll-up Risk, Issues and Decisions to the Portfolio level for analysis
  • Collaborative Documentation
  • Update In Real-Time

The portfolios feature transforms project management, offering a bird’s-eye view that every PMO leader dreams of. It’s the secret sauce to strategic decision-making and seamless collaboration.

You have questions we have answers.

Do I need an Enterprise account?

Yes, the Portfolio module is exclusively available for Enterprise subscribers. Unlock the full potential of portfolio management with advanced features designed to streamline your project oversight and strategic decision-making

Can't I just use my spreadsheet?

While a spreadsheet might be familiar, offers a superior solution for comprehensive project and portfolio management. Our specialized tools, like the Portfolio module, provide real-time insights, collaboration features, and strategic decision-making capabilities that go beyond the limitations of a static spreadsheet. Embrace the future of project management with – it’s time to upgrade from traditional methods!

How important is this module to the success of my projects?

The Portfolio module is a crucial element for ensuring the success of your projects. As an Executive, Portfolio, or PMO leader, gaining visibility into challenges and their resolution is paramount. With’s Portfolio module, you’ll not only identify potential roadblocks but also have a clear understanding of how they are addressed. This visibility empowers you to make informed decisions, enhance collaboration, and ultimately drive the success of your projects. Don’t underestimate the impact – the Portfolio module is the key to achieving project excellence! 

Can you help me get started with an Enterprise account?

Absolutely! We offer dedicated support to assist you in getting started with an Enterprise account. Simply click here to speak with us and learn more.

Our team is here to guide you through the onboarding process, address any queries, provide RAID strategy training, and ensure a seamless transition to maximize the benefits of RAIDLOG for your business. 


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