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As an Executive, Portfolio, or PMO leader, you know that all projects will face challenges. And if you don’t have visibility into how those challenges are met, you cannot be confident that they will be

Do you have real-time insights into the top 5 Risks facing your portfolio this quarter? Are you aware of ongoing project Issues and their impact on your business? Can you track key Decisions, their makers, and ensure alignment? And most importantly, do you know how your team is actively addressing these challenges?

RAIDLOG provides the clarity and power your portfolio demands. Transforming the uncertainty of project delivery into opportunities to excel.

Created To Meet The Needs Of Your Portfolio

RAIDLOG is a solution specifically built to help ensure that your team is actively managing and learning from the Risks, Issues and Decision which can take your portfolio off track. It’s not the project plan itself, but the proven methodology and toolset that your organization uses to ensure projects overcome obstacles and are delivered successfully.

Scale project management efforts easily. As your project portfolios grow, we accommodate the increasing complexity and volume, ensuring that PMOs can manage projects of varying sizes and complexities with ease. Govern all your users, collaborators and projects from a single place.


Enterprise-grade Project Data Protection

Rest easy with our Ironclad security protocols. Unlike having your data spread out across hundreds of spreadsheets, your sensitive Risk and Issue data is centralized, secured and protected, ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Our commitment to security signs with industry best practices, giving you the peace of mind to focus on project success without compromising data integrity.  


Centralized Control

Roll-up Risk, Issue and Decision data for portfolio level visibility. Our Enterprise license provides centralized control with communication, Portfolio ‘All Up Grids’, and collaborative decision-making. promoting efficiency in project execution and fostering a culture of shared success. Our Enterprise license offers exclusive access to training materials, onboarding support, and a customer support team, ensuring a smooth adoption and ongoing assistance when needed.


Strategy That Works

Through intuitive dashboards and customizable reporting tools, PMO leaders gain a panoramic view of their entire project landscape. Our Enterprise membership doesn’t just stop at displaying project data; it transforms raw information into actionable intelligence. You can effortlessly track obstacles, identify potential bottlenecks, and monitor the overall health of projects with a glance. This level of visibility goes beyond static snapshots, providing a better understanding of project dynamics.

Easy To Navigate, Like A Spreadsheet

The beauty of RAIDLOG.com lies in its intuitive design, minimizing the learning curve for teams. From day one, users can navigate the platform effortlessly, leveraging its powerful features without the need for extensive training. This user-friendly approach ensures that teams can quickly adapt to the new tool, accelerating the pace of project management transformation. Project leaders accustomed to spreadsheet RAID logs are usually off and running with RAIDLOG in minutes.

Trusted by leading global enterprise customers across industries

Irreplaceable System

"RAIDLOG has revolutionized our project management approach. With real-time insights, seamless collaboration, and AI-driven risk identification, our teams are achieving unprecedented success. "

- Michele D., Senior Director, PMO

Comprehensive Visibility

"As a Director overseeing multiple portfolios, RAIDLOG has been instrumental in providing comprehensive visibility. The advanced features like risk heat maps and lessons learned have significantly enhanced our decision-making processes. This is the project management tool we've always dreamed of."

- Mike D., Associate PMO Director

Stronger Team

"RAIDLOG has streamlined our workflow, making risk and issue management remarkably straightforward. The interface is user-friendly, and the AI risk generator is surprisingly accurate. It's not just about managing projects; it's about transforming the way we approach project success."

- Susan T., Director, Commercial Data Office PMO

RAIDLOG - You aren’t alone

Amplify Your Portfolio Impact With AI

RAIDLOG’s AI Risk Register is a revolutionary tool that takes risk management to the next level. Unlike traditional approaches, this innovative feature not only helps identify risks but also prioritizes them and recommends responses, helping your team stay proactive. By foreseeing challenges, it strengthens your PM’s risk management skills and also equips decision-makers like you with crucial insights.


Make strategic decisions with your portfolio in one place

Bring all of your risks and issues into RAIDLOG, no matter where they live. Integrate natively with Planview AdaptiveWork, ClickUp, Jira, Smartsheets, and more with 6,000+ Zapier integrations. Or use our rich API to connect RAIDLOG to just about anything.

For PM’s by PM’s

Adapt faster to project risks & issues

Operate Your Portfolio With Confidence

World-leading security and compliance are built-in for your peace of mind. Experience unparalleled security and compliance for peace of mind. Bid farewell to endless static spreadsheets, reclaim valuable time from manual task tracking, and boost project success within a unified RAID system. Witness the true impact of major risks in vibrant color, gaining insight into their influence on your projects and business profitability.

Talk with our sales team

Fill out your information and a RAIDLOG representative will reach out to you. Have a simple question? 

Empower your PMO with a unified platform to efficiently monitor project health

Integrate with current PPM tools

Through native integrations, Zapier compatibility, or RAIDLOG's open API, you can effortlessly synchronize and leverage the power of RAIDLOG across your entire project ecosystem.


700+ companies globally

Unlock tailored pricing aligned with your company's strategic objectives. Enjoy a premium onboarding experience and dedicated integration support for a swift and successful implementation.

Be apart of our 1,000,000

Become a vital part of our mission to rescue 1 million projects from failure by 2030. Our revolutionary Risk AI tool and Lessons Learned module are game-changers, empowering PMO leaders to cultivate project managers who grow stronger every day.

Where security meets seamless collaboration. Elevate your project management with advanced features, tailored controls, and unparalleled transparency—your all in one powerful RAID platform.

For PM’s by PM’s

Hit the ground running with priority support

Elevate your RAIDLOG experience with tailor-made onboarding, seamlessly integrating into your team's workflow. Unlock exclusive advantages like priority support, an open and dynamic API, advanced portfolio management, and exclusive early access to upcoming feature releases.

You have questions we have answers.

How do Enterprises benefit from RAIDLOG?

Let us count the ways! We've seen our PMO leaders leverage RAIDLOG as a comprehensive project management solution, centralizing their project data and replacing the chaos of thousands of spreadsheets with streamlined efficiency. By utilizing advanced features like the AI Risk Register, Lessons Learned, Risk Heat Maps and robust integrations, PMO leaders gain unprecedented visibility into their portfolio health, enhance collaboration, and ensure successful project outcomes. RAIDLOG becomes a strategic partner in their project management journey, delivering real-time insights, predictive risk analysis, and the tools needed to optimize processes across their entire organization.

Questions? Just ask using the chat box at the bottom right of your screen. Simply send us a message and we'll be there to support you.

Is RAIDLOG secure?

Yes, RAIDLOG prioritizes security to ensure the protection of your valuable project data. Employing world-leading security measures, RAIDLOG.com is designed with built-in security and compliance features. With a commitment to maintaining a secure environment, RAIDLOG.com is a trusted platform for project management, providing users with the peace of mind they need in handling sensitive project information.


  • 99.98% uptime SLA
  • IP restrictions
  • Google & Two-factor authentication
What can my team expect during onboarding?

RAIDLOG offers Enterprise teams a seamless onboarding experience designed to maximize their success with the platform. The process includes personalized training sessions, hands-on guidance, and dedicated support from our experts. Teams can expect assistance in setting up their account, configuring project portfolios, and integrating RAIDLOG into their existing workflows. The onboarding experience ensures that every team member is equipped with the knowledge and skills to leverage RAIDLOG effectively, promoting a smooth transition and quick adoption across the entire enterprise.

How is RAIDLOG better than a spreadsheet?

RAIDLOG surpasses traditional spreadsheets by offering a dynamic, centralized platform tailored for project management. Unlike static spreadsheets, RAIDLOG provides real-time collaboration, AI-driven risk prediction, and robust modules for tracking Risks, Actions, Issues, and Decisions. It transforms data into actionable insights, fostering streamlined workflows and efficient decision-making. With RAIDLOG, you move beyond the limitations of spreadsheets, gaining a comprehensive tool that elevates project management to new heights.

Can system admins manage controls and permissions?

RAIDLOG admins have enhanced system control and advanced capabilities. They can fine-tune access control with features like Advanced Account Permissions, allowing them to specify user roles and permissions with precision. This ensures that each team member and collaborator has the right level of access to contribute effectively without compromising security. Enterprise admins also have comprehensive visibility into the system, enabling them to monitor every action within the RAIDLOG Enterprise account, track changes, and ensure transparency and accountability across project management processes.

How many PMs are using RAIDLOG?

We're proud to say that RAIDLOG is trusted by a thriving community of over 1,300 satisfied project managers! Join our mission to save 1,000,000 projects by 2030. 

Will my team have access to office hours?

Yes, everyone is welcome and has access to RAIDLOG office hours. Office hours provide an opportunity for members to attend live sessions and get assistance, guidance, and answers to their questions. It's a valuable resource for users to enhance their understanding of RAIDLOG features, receive support, and make the most of the platform.

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