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Risk strategy is key

Transform the way you manage projects with our cutting-edge Heat Map—a powerful tool designed to give you a visual mastery of your project and portfolio risks. Imagine having a compass that guides you straight to the most critical spots; that’s what our Heat Map does for your risks. It’s not just a chart; it’s your secret weapon for navigating the project landscape with precision.


Save Every Project:

  • Prioritization At A Glance
  • Efficient Decision Making
  • Proactive Risk Management
  • Data-Driven Insights
  • Real Time System Updates


Visual Clarity

The Heat Map’s color-coded system instantly highlights the severity of risks, allowing project managers to prioritize and focus on the most critical aspects. Green signals low risk, yellow for caution, and red for high-risk areas—offering a quick route to where attention is needed.


Reduce Project Risk

Our Risk Heat Map is a proactive tool that empowers project managers to stay ahead of potential issues. By identifying and addressing risks before they escalate, teams can mitigate challenges, ensuring smoother project progress and overall success. It’s not just about numbers; it’s about clarity in colors and patterns that tell a story at a glance.


Easily Spot The Problem

Beyond colors and patterns, the Heat Map provides detailed insights into each risk, enabling project managers to delve into specifics. This data-driven approach allows for a comprehensive understanding of the nature and potential impact of each risk.


Be The Hero

The visual nature of the Heat Map enhances communication within the project team and with stakeholders. It serves as a common reference point, fostering a shared understanding of project risks and encouraging open dialogue about risk mitigation strategies.

Make decisions confidently, communicate effectively, and foster a culture of continuous improvement. Experience the power of clarity with our risk heat maps.

You have questions we have answers.

Do I need a pro account?

No, these features are available to all RAIDLOG members and comes standard with each account. If you’re looking to streamline your project management, collaborate seamlessly with your team, and maximize the potential of, upgrading to a Pro account is a worthwhile investment that can help you achieve project success more efficiently.

Can't I just use my spreadsheet?

Using a spreadsheet for Risks, Actions, Issues, and Decisions is like navigating with a paper map instead of a GPS. RAIDLOG doesn’t just track; it transforms your challenges into strategic victories. Imagine real-time insights, collaborative workflows, and the power to turn issues into opportunities—all neatly organized in one dynamic platform. RAIDLOG goes beyond the static cells, offering you an orchestrated approach to project management that a spreadsheet simply can’t match. So, while the spreadsheet might be familiar, RAIDLOG brings a new level of efficiency, collaboration, and success to your project management journey.

How important are these features to the success of my projects?

These modules offer real-time insights, collaborative workflows, and structured management, ensuring that your project isn’t just managed but orchestrated for success. In the dynamic landscape of project management, these features are the guiding pillars, providing clarity, transparency, and a proactive approach to challenges. So, in the grand scheme of project success, these features are not just important—they’re indispensable.

Can you help me get started?

Absolutely, we’re here to support you every step of the way as you get started. Our platform is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, but we understand that new users may have questions or need assistance. We offer a range of resources to help you kickstart your journey, including comprehensive tutorials, user guides, and FAQs.

Additionally, our dedicated customer support team is readily available to address any queries or concerns you may have. We encourage you to explore our platform, take advantage of the available resources, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you need assistance. Your success is our priority, and we’re committed to helping you get started and make the most out of our powerful project management tools.

Questions? Just ask using the chat box at the bottom right of your screen. Simply send us a message and we’ll be there to support you. 

How does this affect my Enterprise Portfolio?

The Risk Heat Maps feature provides a visual representation of risks across your entire Enterprise Portfolio, offering an immediate, comprehensive view of potential challenges. This tool enables PMO leaders to identify, prioritize, and address risks efficiently, promoting proactive risk management and enhancing the overall resilience of your teams Portfolio.

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