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Why upgrade? As a pro RAIDLOG user, there are more features, more connections, and even more collaboration. All for only $9.99/month.

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FEATURE: Analytics

Bring life to your spreadsheets with a burst of color.

  • Strategic Command Center: RAIDLOG serves as your centralized command center, offering a dynamic platform for team members to effortlessly access critical project data, timelines, and notes. This not only promotes seamless information sharing but elevates collaboration to new heights, ensuring your team operates at the pinnacle of efficiency.
  • Accelerated Progress with Insights: Turbocharge your progress with our Lessons Learned module, capturing actionable insights throughout the entire project delivery process. Go further, faster, and drive continuous improvement at every stage.
  • Seamless Integration: Forge a united front by seamlessly integrating RAIDLOG with your existing project management tools. Empower your team to collaborate within their preferred ecosystem while leveraging the analytic prowess of RAIDLOG’s powerful features. Unleash the potential of unified collaboration with integrated analytics at your fingertips.

FEATURE: Lessons Learned

Learn From Past Projects

  • Strategic Organization: Categorize and roll up lessons learned seamlessly to enhance visibility at both project and portfolio levels.
  • Effortless Conversion: Convert issues into valuable Lessons Learned with a single click, streamlining your process for greater efficiency.
  • Proactive Improvement: Assign Action Items and Decisions to Lessons Learned, ensuring a systematic and continuous approach to enhancing your project delivery.
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RAIDLOG integrations

FEATURE: Integrations

Easily connect to your other tools

Integrating your preferred Project Portfolio Management (PPM) tool with RAIDLOG is a straightforward process, ensuring seamless compatibility. Our platform offers easy-to-use integration options, allowing your team to leverage our specialized project management features within your existing PPM ecosystem. This enables a smooth transition, as your team can continue working with familiar tools while benefiting from our enhanced project management capabilities. It’s a hassle-free way to amplify your project management efficiency with RAIDLOG Pro, ensuring your team can operate seamlessly within their preferred environment.

FEATURE: AI Risk REgister

Let A.I. be your project superhero

Tap into the magic behind RAIDLOG’s AI Risk Register! This game-changing tool revolutionizes project management, giving you the edge to tackle risks head-on. Real-time data analysis offers strategic insights, making RAIDLOG Pro your essential companion for success in today’s ever-evolving business world.


Innovate With AI

"The AI recommendations covered about 75% of what my team and I had to put in our risk log, truly amazing”
- Timothy H.

New Technology

"I ran an initial ai risk generator for my project and it came up with some valuable inputs. I'm going to tweak the project description further and see what else it will provide."
- Nick L.

It's Supercharged

"As a career PM, I have to say – it's astonishingly good!"
- Melanie J.

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“RAIDLOG’s Professional plan has transformed the way I manage projects. The affordability combined with powerful features has been a key driver of my success. It’s more than just a tool; it’s my secret weapon for efficient project management without the hefty price tag.”

Sarah Johnson, Project Team Lead

Pro Features Coming Soon

  • AI Project simulator
  • Dependencies
  • Meeting Minutes module
  • Heat maps
  • Kanban-like cards for RAID

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