Putting The A.I. in RAID logs

The world’s first AI powered Risk Register

Identify 75% of your project risks with one click

Get a jump-start on risk identification with our one-click risk identifier. Although AI-generated risks are not a substitute for sound risk planning, our groundbreaking AI risk engine helps project teams better identify risks that they may not have considered otherwise.

Risk Management Artificial Intelligence

Productivity, reimagined.

Shockingly simple and more powerful than ever β€” RAIDLOG’s AI Risk Register redefines
productivity for project managers. The AI-enabled Project RAID Log is available to our
Professional and Enterprise subscribers only.Β 

Innovate With AI


"The AI recommendations covered about 75% of what my team and I had to put in our risk log, truly amazing”
- Timothy H.

New Technology


"I ran an initial ai risk generator for my project and it came up with some valuable inputs. I'm going to tweak the project description further and see what else it will provide."
- Nick L.

It's Supercharged


"As a career PM, I have to say – it's astonishingly good!"
- Melanie J.


Transform The Way You Manage Risk

Whether you are an experienced Risk Manager looking to use the latest technology, or new to project risk management and looking for a helping hand, we have the solution for you with the first AI powered risk management assistant.Β 

Our AI risk generator will create a list of recommended risks based on your project description. Each risk identified includes a description of the potential problem, likely impacts, probability of occurrence, impact on a score of 1-100, and even recommended remediation actions. You then have the power to select the risks you like, or go back and adjust your project description and give the AI another try.Β 


Together, we can run or rescue any project