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Basic features:

UP to 5 RAID logs at any time
RAID logs with best practice fields
Spreadsheet-like “grid” view
Graphical RAID views make it easy to collaborate stakeholders
Aggregate data across RAID logs with “All up” grids
Export RAID data to CSV
Automatically track history of every change
Self-service support and access to knowledge base


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Basic features, plus:

Premium access to AI Risk Generator
Notifications and @Mentions
Lessons Learned
Unlimited RAID logs
Unlimited project collaborators, internal or external to your organization
Premium support

Features coming soon:

Heat maps
Additional RAID tabs: Changes, Dependencies
Custom RAID item fields
Meeting Minutes module
Additional Integrations
Kanban-like card views specific to RAID


Elevate Portfolio Risk Management and Empower Project Delivery Teams with Advanced Integrations and Security Features for Confident Execution.

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Professional features, plus:

Portfolio level aggregation and reporting of Risks, Actions, Issues and Decisions
Custom API integrations
AI Powered Risk & Issue response recommendations
Central administration, multiple administrators
Ticket-based support with SLA
Assigned Customer Success Manager to help you get the most from for qualified clients

Features coming soon:

Reporting plug-in
Advanced statistical modeling for Risks
SSO (Single Sign On)