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Bring RAIDLOG to your project and portfolio management tool and interact without switching between applications! Need help on how to do it? Check out our Support Center for full recipe documentation!

Below are descriptions to a couple of our most popular integrations but with our Zapier connector, almost anything is possible.

Increased Productivity

Using our Zapier connector, you can integrate RAIDLOG with over 4,000 other business applications.


Jira is a popular project management tool that allows teams to plan, track, and manage their work. When integrated with RAIDLOG.com using Zapier, you can enjoy improved risk management, streamlined issue tracking, and enhanced collaboration among team members. 

Planview AdaptiveWork

With our Zapier connector, you seamlessly integrate RAIDLOG.com with your AdaptiveWork system.  

Project Managers are empowered to collaborate and manage their RAID logs directly with stakeholders and team members in RAIDLOG.com, and that data is pushed over into AdaptiveWork for reporting and transparency.  


Together, we can run or rescue any project