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The Impact of RAID Logs on Project Success

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Welcome to RAIDLOG, your comprehensive solution for managing IT projects in healthcare. Our RAID (Risks, Actions, Issues, and Decisions) Enterprise system empowers IT Healthcare PMOs with centralized oversight and robust tracking capabilities.

Offering real-time updates, customizable dashboards, and seamless integration with existing healthcare IT systems, RAIDLOG ensures stakeholders can efficiently monitor risks, address actions, resolve issues promptly, and make informed decisions. With a focus on collaboration, security, and compliance, RAIDLOG enhances organizational agility, supporting superior patient care outcomes.

Research Indicates

Projects which utilize RAID logs are 30% more likely to stay on schedule and within budget.

*This statistic is derived from multiple studies and reports in the project management field, highlighting the benefits of structured risk and issue management practices. ( ( (Workamajig).

“ has revolutionized our Project Management Office, transforming how we operate.
It has significantly enhanced communication for our project managers and stakeholders, far surpassing the capabilities of our previous Excel-based system. With its advanced features and functionalities, has delivered immense value, elevating our project management efficiency to new heights. We are profoundly grateful to the team for their unwavering support and continuous feature updates, which have been instrumental in our success.”

Brian Summons, MSPM, PMP

PMO Manager, Children's Hospital of Orange County

Enterprise RISK-related features to run or rescue any project.

RAIDLOG - AI Risk Register

AI Risk Register

Enhance the accuracy and efficiency of your hospitals’ risk management. Provide smart, real-time insights into potential risks. By using AI, RAIDLOG can predict and identify up to 75% of project risks earlier, allowing the team to address them before they become bigger problems. This feature helps keep projects on track, saves time, and reduces costs. With an AI risk register, you get a proactive tool that boosts project success and ensures better patient care outcomes.

Risk Heat Maps

The Risk Heat Maps feature in RAIDLOG supports your PM’s efforts by showing risks visually. This innovative feature sorts risks by how serious they are and how likely they are to happen. This helps leaders see which risks need the most attention. It also helps them decide where to put their efforts first to prevent problems. The maps make it easy to talk about risks with everyone involved, like doctors and administrators.

Embed View

Our embedded view allows team members and stakeholders to easily access the latest information on risks, actions, issues, and decisions directly from their regular tools, without needing to switch between platforms. This integration helps ensure everyone stays updated, reduces misunderstandings, and speeds up decision-making, ultimately leading to more efficient project management and better healthcare outcomes.

Change Requests

By including Change Requests in RAIDLOG, your team can easily track and document all proposed changes, assess their impact on the project, and ensure proper approval processes are followed. This helps maintain project control, ensures transparency, and prevents scope creep, ultimately leading to better project outcomes and efficient use of resources.

Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned helps improve future projects. By documenting what worked well and what didn’t, the team can learn from past experiences and apply those insights to new projects. This continuous improvement leads to more efficient processes, better risk management, and ultimately, more successful project outcomes in the healthcare environment..


Unlock the power of organizing and tracking risks, actions, issues, and decisions across multiple projects. RAIDLOG Portfolios, provides a clear and simple way to see and manage everything in one place, ensuring that potential problems are identified and dealt with promptly. This helps keep healthcare projects on track, reduces delays, and improves communication among team members, making the overall management of IT projects in healthcare more efficient.

You have questions we have answers.

What exactly is a RAID log?

A RAID log is a tool that helps PMs: Identify, respond to and manage Risk. Track and stay on top of Action Items – especially the hundreds of things that need to get done which don’t belong in a project schedule or backlog. Quickly get on top of and resolve project Issues. Help PM’s get Decisions made right and by the right people – and to implement those decisions and make them stick 

And they help manage project Changes, identify Lessons Learned and manage Dependencies 

As a CIO, VP of IT or IT Director, why do I care about RAIDLOG?

How important is it that your key initiatives succeed?  

A Mickinsey study found that 17% of large IT initiatives go so poorly that they threaten the very existence of the organization*. Nobody wants to see their career go that way, so don’t take chances when it comes to managing Risks and Issues in your key initiatives. 

And the ROI is easy. Multiple studies find that investing in risk and issue management has a return of 20:1** 


(*) Bloch, M., Blumberg, S., & Laartz, J. (2012, October 1). Delivering large-scale IT projects on time, on budget, and on value. McKinsey & Company. 

(**) Hall, E. M. (1999). Risk management return on investment. Systems Engineering, 2(3), 177-180.<177::AID-SYS5>3.0.CO;2-6 

How is a RAID log different from a Risk Register?

A Risk register is for identifying and planning responses to Risks.

A RAID log includes your Risk register, but also your Actions, Issues, Decisions, Changes and Lessons Learned. It is not your project plan, but it is all the things you need to help run your project plan. It can help you keep your project on track, and course-correct when things go wrong.  

Can’t we just use an Excel spreadsheet?

In the old days, we used to all use spreadsheets. But thankfully, technology has caught up. Using our app allows you to aggregate, collaborate, and integrate your RAID log. Whats more, we are now incorporating AI to supercharge your project management.  

You can stick with your spreadsheet, but that 

  • Doesn’t let your team aggregate logs across projects for a portfolio view 
  • Don’t integrate into your reporting or PPM tools 
  • Don’t easily let you control sharing and version control 
  • Don’t let you easily relate objects. For example, when you have an Issue, they don’t let you easily create related action items that you can easily track individually 

Don’t let you use more graphic interfaces like Kanban or collaborate in-context as easily. 

Can’t I just do this with my existing tools? (Smartsheet/Jira/Asana…)

People try (including us before we started RAIDLOG) but it never works out.  

  • Your collaborators are limited by your licensing  
  • Trello won’t even give you a Grid / Table view for free 
  • You can’t control permissions on individual items 
  • There’s no reporting across boards in many of these tools 
  • You could maybe hack something together, but that takes a lot of time and these tools have a lot of limits. Is that worth your time? 

Specific to Smartsheets our very first consulting partner was a Smartsheet partner! They said that while you can cobble something together, it really isnt very good at RAID logs.  

Plus you miss out on all our RAID specific functionality like heat maps, our RAID specific AI and more. Try it out for yourself and see the difference! 

Does RAIDLOG integrate with my existing tools?

Absolutely! We launched day 1 with an API that allows you to integrate with all your other PM and reporting tools. We also have an integration service which makes it super easy to link RAIDLOG to your other systems.  

Does RAIDLOG have a Lessons Learned Module?

Yes! Because nobody wants to repeat the same issue over and over. Lessons Learned are available throughout the project do the team can easily capture what is working and what isn’t. What’s more, later this year we will release an AI that securely recommends to you lessons learned based on your past projects. 

Is RAIDLOG Secure?

Much more secure than a bunch of spreadsheets. Our platform securely encrypts your data at rest and in transport, and is hosted in Google Cloud Services, one of the most secure cloud services available.  

For more information, see our safety and security page

Is your company trying to cut down on SaaS tools?
Would you rather start by cutting down on the number of spreadsheets floating around there?  

It’s understandable to minimize the number of tools. But it makes even more sense to use the right tool for the job, especially when that job is to keep your critical projects from failing, and ensuring you get return on your project investment. Investing in risk management tools like ours has shown to have an ROI of 20:1** , so it may be worth bringing on another SaaS app.  

What’s more, with our embedded view, the user experience isn’t any more complicated for your users – we simply embed RAIDLOG in your existing tools for easy access.  

(**)Hall, E. M. (1999). Risk management return on investment. Systems Engineering, 2(3), 177-180.<177::AID-SYS5>3.0.CO;2-6 

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