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About the book

The Ultimate Guide to RAID Log
by Kim Essendrup

This book will introduce you to RAID logs and help you learn how to use them so your projects can immediately benefit.

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Decision Log FAQ

Question Answer
What if I cannot get an important decision made?  If you are having problems getting a decision made, then raise it as a Risk and, if appropriate, raise it to your project sponsor for support. If it doesn’t get made by the Decision Date, it is probably now an Issue and should be documented and escalated as such. 
Why should I go through the work of identifying options? It’s my decision maker’s responsibility to make the decision, not mine. That’s true, but as a project manager, it is very much in your interest to ensure decisions are made well the first time. So, taking the time to help your decision makers understand the options and what’s at stake helps them make better decisions. Otherwise, you risk poor decision making and revisiting past decisions – both of which are much more costly than investing time in researching the decision



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