April 7, 2023

RAIDLog.com’s Zapier Integration Improves Cross-Platform Management for Project Managers 


Lauren Caughlan 




Press Release: RAID Log’s Zapier Integration Improves Cross-Platform Management for Project Managers 

Phoenix, AZ: Project Managers have a new way to integrate an automated RAID Log with thousands of tools and platforms using Zapier’s workflow automation. The Zapier connector allows Project Managers to manage Risks, Actions, Issues, and Decisions (RAID) with RAIDLOG.com and automatically synchronize project statuses and progress. 

The Zapier integration requires a professional license for a special subscription launch price of $57 per year. This introductory price is only available for a limited time and will be locked in for life. However, Project Managers can get started with a basic subscription and manage up to five RAID Logs for free.  

RAID Log fills the gap for Project Managers to manage RAID logs. The Zapier connector further advances the art and science of keeping projects on track by supporting compatibility with project management software such as  Jira, Asana, Monday.com, and many more. “We are leveraging the best technology we can find to build the best toolset for the people who work hard every day to make projects successful – Project Managers,” said Kim Essendrup, CEO of RAIDLog.com. 

RAIDLOG.com is a tried and true project management tool, reborn for the modern project manager. Easy to use, secure, and share, RAIDLOG.com improves the trustworthy Raid log by rebuilding it on a SaaS platform, making it easy to use alongside other task management platforms. Visit RAIDLOG.com to start a free account and learn more. 



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