May 1, 2023

The Story of Us | The Beginnings of

As one of the founders of, Kim Essendrup created RAIDLOG to find a better way to ensure projects were successful and to take some of the stress out of project management along the way.  Kim Essendrup

Before, Kim and his team founded a consultancy that implemented enterprise-class project management tools for more than 650 different organizations of all sizes across many industries.  

The team found that no matter how flexible the project management tool was, they all had one major gap; they didn’t help project managers effectively manage RAID Logs. RAID Log management is a key aspect of running a project and keeping it on track, and it is the go-to tool for rescuing a broken project. RAID management is critically important to all project leaders because projects don’t go wrong because of an amazing project plan. They go wrong because of the following:  

  • unmanaged Risks 
  • neglected Action items 
  • unresolved Issues 
  • poor Decision making 


The team saw over and over again project managers had to fall back to spreadsheets to manage their RAID logs. Some of the key contributors to this gap are: 

  • If Project Managers had a PM tool, it couldn’t do a RAID log, or 
  • Even if their tools could do a little bit of RIAD management, like risks and issues, their organization didn’t buy licenses for everyone involved in their projects and limited it only to the PMs. This forced the Project Managers to fall back to a spreadsheet to collaborate with their team members, subcontractors, and their customers to get the job done.  
  • It was also noted that the science and methods around RAID management really have not advanced in decades.  

These challenges left plenty of room to find better ways to manage RAID along with updating the art and science of keeping projects on track.  

The need to take the best aspects of a spreadsheet-based RAID log to: 

  • Incorporate best practices 
  • Develop new practices for RAID management 
  • Put it all into a modern online application 
  • By leveraging the best technology available to build the best toolset for the people who work hard every day to make projects successful, project managers 

This is the foundation of the RAID Log. 

If you use RAID logs, you know how critical they are to running projects and rescuing projects that are in trouble. For those who haven’t used RAID Log yet, no worries – we’ve got you covered. has plenty of content, training videos, and even a book to help you get started.  

Our goal is to make the ultimate tools to help project managers successfully run or rescue any project and take some of the pain out of project leadership.  

Not only can you run your RAID Log in, but we are also adding the ability to: 

  • Integrate with other business systems 
  • Track changes, lessons learned, and external dependencies 
  • Report and aggregate data across portfolios 
  • Collaborate with unlimited project team members FOR FREE 
  • Incorporate RAID items into meeting minutes automatically 
  • Perform advanced statistical analysis on your risks, issues, and contingencies 

And we now have the first to market, newly released smart AI-Generated RAID Log.

Project Managers can now leverage the power of AI to manage their RAID Logs better and give project teams a jump start on the risk planning process. The AI tool recommends project risks that are specific to the project scope, assumptions, and deliverables. With one click, selected risks are added to the Risk Register, including the expected problem, impacts, probability %, and even recommended remediation actions.    

The AI-enabled Project RAID Log is available for Professional and Enterprise subscribers. is a modern version of the tried and true project management tool, the RAID Log, reborn for the modern project manager. Easy to use, secure, and share, improves on the old-school RAID Log by reinventing it on a secure SaaS platform, making it easy to use and integrate. 

The only way we can make this the best tool for Project Managers is with your help! So join today, use it to manage your projects, and join our community of project leaders who are working together to make all our projects successful. 

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