April 27, 2023

RAIDLOG.com Releases the First AI-Enabled Project RAID Log 


Lauren Caughlan  




Press Release: RAIDLOG.com Releases the First AI-Enabled Project RAID Log 

Phoenix, AZ: RAIDLOG.com is an essential tool for Project Managers, and it just improved with its newly launched AI Project Risk Generation Tool!  Project Managers can now leverage the power of AI to manage their RAID Logs better and give project teams a jump start on the risk planning process. The RAIDLOG.com AI tool recommends project risks that are specific to the project scope, assumptions, and deliverables. With one click, selected risks are added to the Risk Register, including the expected problem, impacts, probability %, and even recommended remediation actions.    

“As a career PM, I have to say – it’s astonishingly good!” Said one user. Although AI-generated risks are not a substitute for sound risk planning, AI can help project teams think about risks that might not have been considered otherwise. “The AI recommendations covered about 75% of what my team and I had to put in our risk log,” reported another user.     

The AI-enabled Project RAID Log is available for RAIDLOG.com Professional and Enterprise subscribers. Visit RAIDLOG.com to learn more and get started today. 

RAIDLOG.com is a modern version of the tried and true project management tool, the RAID Log, reborn for the modern project manager. Easy to use, secure, and share, RAIDLOG.com improves on the old-school RAID Log by reinventing it on a secure SaaS platform, making it easy to use and integrate. Visit RAIDLOG.com to set up a free account and try it for yourself.  

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